We spent the day before the trade show building and prepping the wall we painted on. That was the hardest part of the whole weekend and now that it was over we we're excited to start painting. With no expectations we started and i don't think people were really sure what was going on because we were just writing dethkills over and over again. They eventually started to figure out what was going on and began giving us props on what we were doing. The first day was all business until the show ended for the day. We went to see our good friends over at the Sezio/Jedidiah party to say hello. When we got there i was happy to see that their was live screen printing going on. That party was a good start to the night...i got to see a bunch of people i haven't seen in a loooooong time. Next stop was the Agenda party at the house of blues. I think i drank a little too much there because i kinda remember chris, derek and i getting kicked out of the taxi cab on our way back to poohs house and it was for sure my fault. I'm not gonna go into detail but i think it was pretty bad...vodka is no good in large quantities.

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