Day 2 started out a bit rough thanks to the Agenda party at the house of blues the night before so i took the morning to cruise around and check out some of the other brands. Two brands that stood out to me were Cardboard Robot and Insight. I like the way CB set their booth up. everything was made of cardboard, i guess that makes perfect sense. I am a huge fan of Insight. In my opinion I think that they have the best ad campaigns and their booth did not disappoint. As the day cruised on the open bar started to make everything alright and i got to see a bunch of old friends that i have not seen in awhile. The painting was coming along...people were digging it as more and more of the image revealed itself. When it was time to leave we packed up and were ready to head out to the motel 6 to chill....mason from cardboard robot and the founding father of clocky would not let us stay at the motel 6 so he helped us out getting a room at the Sophia hotel where we preceded to drink absinthe in the hotel bar...apparently they have quite a nice collection of it. With no plans in mind we ended up at a Rad Girls party and that is a whole other story...the video i took at the party should explain itself...look out for it soon.

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