On the surface Linus would not impress many as an extraordinary bunny. He was a loving bunny and friend, a capable pet, a good and kind soul. But beneath his mortal cover, Linus was truly remarkable in many ways. In his heart was excessive love, unyielding faith and the courage of a thousand armies. In his mind was the everlasting thought, "how can I give?"He sought always to be a friend, a helping hand, a uniter, never to be a burden or a divider. His soul was warmed by the fire of hope and lifted with the excitement of joy. Every day he spent on this earth he knew was a gift from God and he willingly passed that on to all whom he touched. I don't suppose to speak for him. I don't have to, as his life spoke plainly: "Keep your faith. It will never fail you." Hold all you know in love closely and dearly and give all that you can, with all of your heart, every hour of every day. There is the path to peace and joy. I know my friend Linus would not want us to be sad today, though it is impossible to let him pass without many, many tears. But please pledge with me today, because I know he would want it this way - remember him only in joy and happiness. That is the gift he leaves for all of us. Keep him in your heart and hold on tight! Rest in Peace Linus!

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