Horror Business opened Oct. 18th at Tradition featuring artist such as Derek Albeck, Chris Wolford, Marco Zamora, Give Up, Alex Pardee, Denis Mcnett, Jawn Agione and many more. We were able to take our DIY style to the back wall of the shop and do a big installation launching our pop-up store. Along with the installation we decided it would be cool if we did live screen printing for the opening. It was great to see all the people that were so interested in the screen printing process. I sometimes forget how awesome screen printing really is because i get caught up in just doing it all the time, so to take time with people and explain how its done really made me appreciate it, not that i haven't always, but sometimes you forget how rad something really is. If you are in the Westlake area stop by Tradition and check out the show. If you got the extra cash support art. Thanks to Andrew and Jason at Tradition for the hospitality. See you next time.

derek albeck

chris wolford

denis mcnett

alex pardee

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