Futura Strategic Synchronicity

Fuck all the hype hype hype hype hype bullshit... If this was the 80's this show would have probably been a showstopper. The first neo expressionist graffiti writer to hit the New York scene and make big bucks off the ridiculous market that was the 80's in NY.... but unfortunately it's almost 30 years later now so you have a show that just looked dated as fuck... You can't deny that Futura is a graf legend in his own right as well as a very prolific designer but seriously fuck all the hype! The color schemes in his paintings and more and more and more pointman with some infinity signs? looked like some ugly neo abstract expressionist paintings with a few dabs of his signature hand styles thrown on top which in my opinion just was too easy... It looked like he could have done the show in less than 3 weeks, and with prices that dabbed from 10-50K thats just crazy banana farming bs!
Here are some photos of the less crazy new expressionist paintings:

This one above was my favorite

Large site specific pointman

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