soo essentially what we are saying is....

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
it's been decided to do a little experiment on chubby here. Pushing 183lbs., a habitual diet breaker and beer drinker, he's yet to find something to shave off that ever growing gut of his. so here's the solution. nutri-system....your no-brainer-hydro-packed-can't-be-that-healthy-for-you system of dieting. he's got 30 days to slim down to a bikini body. solely eating these few hundred calorie portions they leave him wasted at the end of the day after only consuming 5 beers. along with some online workout, we will see if he can actually do this, or break habit within a week and grab a cheesesteak. 

we've got one day down......29 more to go..............

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