Unwound was a rock band based in Tumwater/Olympia, Washington.
Formed in 1991, the band originaly consisted of Justin Trosper (vocals, guitar), Vern Rumsey (bass), and Brandt Sandeno (drums)

Trosper played several kinds of odd guitars, including Univox Hiflyers (made famous by Kurt Cobain), generally preferring guitars with P-90 pickups. He sometimes played a clear Lucite (Plexiglas) guitar, a budget copy of the expensive originals made by Dan Armstrong. He sometimes used an Echoplex in the band's spacier ambient passages. Rumsey generally played a Fender Jazz Bass. He and Trosper often used Sunn and Kustom amplifiers, generally solid-state models; Trosper's main amp up to 1999 was a Sunn Concert Lead.

The group released several singles and albums, mostly all on Kill Rock Stars, before disbanding on April 1, 2002.

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